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A lithium-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery commonly used for house electronics. When the battery is placed in a device, the positively charged lithium ions are attracted to the cathode and moves towards it. The cathode then becomes more positively charged in comparison to the anode, and this attracts the negatively charged electrons. As the electrons start moving toward the cathode, they go through the device and use the energy of electrons flowing toward the cathode to generate power. When the battery is connected to a charger, the lithium ions move in the opposite direction as the previous direction. When they move from cathode to anode, the battery is restored for another use. The lithium ions move cathode to anode through an…show more content…
The current cost of Li-ion batteries is extremely expensive, and they associate with raw materials, cell, packaging, and manufacturing. Li-ion batteries age very quickly. They can only last for 2-3 years from the manufacture date whether it is being used or not. They are also immensely sensitive to high temperatures. Heat causes them to degrade much faster than they normally would. Computers will automatically shut down the flow of power to cool down if the battery pack gets too hot. If it is completely discharged, the battery itself is ruined. Extensive research and development have enhanced the technology to a stage where it seems very likely that safe and reliable lithium-ion batteries will soon be on board hybrid electric, electric vehicles and be connected to solar cells and windmills. However, the safety of the technology is still a major concern. Therefore, service life is not yet sufficient. The battery is not intrinsically safe because a short circuit or overcharge might cause a thermal runaway, fire, or even explosion. Even though this problem is solved by a built-in circuit breaker, which kills the charging current, there are still remaining concerns and danger when the voltage reaches a maximum. Due to the possible danger, the International Civil Aviation Organization prohibited shipments of this battery on passenger

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