Liam O 'Flaherty's The Sniper'

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The famous author, Liam O’Flaherty uses quintessential literary devices such as, situational irony, to bring to light the atrocities of the Irish CIvil War in his short story, “The Sniper”. An example of said atrocities, would be how the Irish Civil War literally divided the families of Ireland turning brother against brother where the end’s cost was that of the lives of family members. O’Flaherty’s story is premised during the Battle of Dublin, where his protagonist must grow into a man in the period consisting of three pages{O’Flaherty 436-439}. Through the uses of bildungsroman, O’Flaherty provides his reader a case study into these atrocities, specifically that of division among sanguine members. O’Flaherty accomplishes his intentions filled with propaganda concerning the Irish Civil War through his exquisite use of these three literary devices; situational irony, dynamic character, and tone.

To begin, O’Flaherty exquisite use of literary devices such as, situational irony, paints a succulent canvas in which to craft and promote his message concerning the horrors being committed against Irish culture during the tumultuous historical period known as, the Irish
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In this this story the author used situational irony, when he puts brother against brother without them even realizing. O’Flaherty uses dynamic character when he has the protagonist go through tough emotions when he finds out he has taken his brother's life. O’Flaherty also uses tone in his story to give the readers that type of suspense and feelings to have them on the edge of their seats. In conclusion, O’Flaherty used many types of literary devices in his story so make it more understandable to his readers, and to add those special effects to have you want to read
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