Essay On Medicine Buddha

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Trust and be healed from your sickness. Try the Bejeweled Medicine Buddha and other feng shui products that you can avail at Lian Hoe Gold & Jades Fengshui store. The Medicine Buddha has the kindhearted characteristic that will provide you the blessings of good health in your daily living. It brings the antidote for the removal of success and health trials that you are going through in your life. In the world of feng shui, this Chinese feng shui medium embodies the collective healing power of all Buddhist divine being. As a powerful physician, it protects you from any physical and mental sickness as well as the obstacles and danger ahead of you.
The Medicine Buddha is portrayed sitting on a lotus throne wherein his right hand is toward the ground over his right knee which symbolizes supreme generosity. He holds an arura plant on his right hand that represents all the best medicines provided for you while his left hand is rested on his lap holding a pot that contains the nectar or immortality which signifies sickness and sufferings.
Experience the healing power of the Buddha as you display it in your feng shui house or feng shui office. Be protected from any harm or sickness especially the #2 Illness Star.
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Build your own feng shui house and feng shui office to attain the luck and fortune that you are aiming for. This feng shui product is an excellent career enhancer that triggers wealth into your work place. The ingot tree depicted a strong symbol of wealth which has massive amount of cascading branches that proves its eternal growth and development. This enhancer feng shui draws special energy such as prosperity, wealth and abundance that you can use for your own benefit. You can place it anywhere at your home and offices to activate your prosperity
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