Liberal Arts Research Paper

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A liberal arts education teaches arts, sciences, and humanities, which results in many people having their opinions on the value of having a liberal arts degree. Some college students believe that following their career track is the only way to be successful, as opposed to going to a vocational school or pursuing a career in liberal arts. On the other hand, some students feel that pursuing a liberal arts degree can not only make them successful in their career, but educate them on how to communicate effectively as well as how to think critically. In my opinion, I think that whether a student wants to pursue a career in liberal arts depends on the person. Charles Murray and Stanford J. Ungar, authors who wrote about higher education, have different…show more content…
According to Charles Murray, author of “Are Too Many People Going to College?”, the majority of college students think that the reason they should go to college is because of the social norm of getting a BA will automatically provide them with a high paying job. The reason why Murray doesn’t think college is for everyone is because students may not be able to handle college or may not be ready. Murray questions, “Should all of those who do have the academic ability to absorb a college-level liberal education get one? It depends”( Murray 238). I agree with Murray that it depends on what the person is capable of doing. For example, he gives an example of a woman who is in the 98th percentile of academic ability and wants to become a lawyer and then be in the political office. To Murray, it’s only right for her to continue her liberal arts degree because in the long run the liberal education will have value and benefit her. However, he explains that “The only reason we can get away with pushing her is that the odds are high that she will enjoy it” (Murray 238). Murray strongly believes that people should do what they are good at, and not what society wants them to do just to get a high paying
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