Liberal Arts Studies Self-Analysis

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The determination of this self-assessment is to evaluate the growth of my knowledge, skills, and values of the Ottawa University learning outcomes for Liberal Arts Studies. This will occur through reflecting on my understanding of a liberal arts education and my learning in each breadth area. This will also entail references to the current course (LAS 45012 Global Issues in the Liberal Arts) and life experiences that have contributed to my learning and growth in each area. The conclusion will involve an elucidation regarding any steps I may take going forward to continue my learning in these areas in the future.
Learning outcomes
The learning outcomes in Liberal Arts Studies go along with the breadth areas in relation to learning and assimilating those areas. The outcomes begin with knowledge and more specifically breadth and incorporation.
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One specific item that was brought to my attention from the article was the purpose of the liberal arts education, and the “requirements” as noted from an institution but interpreted in my understanding. It is competency in communication, using the modes of thought characteristic of the major areas of knowledge, a knowledge of our basic cultural heritage, and a thorough understanding of at least one subject area (Cronon, W., 1998). My interpretation of this would be agreeing on the importance/competency of communication, but emphasizing the knowledge of culture as it applies from a global perspective, critical thinking as it should be applied and accentuating the understanding of at least one subject area. After reading the article, my understanding of the meaning of a liberal arts education, is heightened by the learning outcomes and prominence of the breadth areas as they are applied to my knowledge and life
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