Liberal Feminism

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According to this paradigm, everything that does not function in accordance with the mind and the mathematical rules of mechanics is considered as insufficient, secondary, really distant, unnamed. According to liberal male thinkers, the characteristics of the 'mechanical' man are; the woman enters the secondary category, which is differentiated. In this context, man has been seen as superior in intelligence, and it is argued that rationality has the right to govern all other aspects of the truth. In other words, rational beings men have the right to take rational ones to those who are intellectually deficient women, non-human beings, and the is possible for individuals to develop individually and dissimilarly in the infinite variety…show more content…
This means that the married woman has no property right, no control over her children and heritage. In response to the liberal male view that has such perception of women, liberal feminists have emphasized the concepts of "freedom" and "equality". Liberal feminism links the cause of gender inequalities to social and cultural attitudes. Liberal feminism has made considerable contributions to the British philosopher John Stuart Mill in his essay entitled The Subjection of Women (1869), calling for legal and political equality, including the right to choose among genders. Liberal feminists have struggled with sexism and discrimination targeting women in the workplace, in educational institutions and in the…show more content…
Cultural Feminism
The enlightenment goes beyond the rationality of liberal feminism, its atomistic individualism and its legal basis. As we remember, liberal feminism criticized the fact that the enlightened minds of the 18th and 19th centuries confined a woman as wife and mother into the house and that the woman was under male authority. In this respect, the law demanded the principle of equality, the right to vote for women, the recognition of equal opportunities for women in education and business life, and the liberation of women from private space.
Cultural feminism focuses on the more irrational, intuitive, and generally collective aspects of life, as well as accepting and supporting the idea of equal rights and the importance of self-development for liberal feminism. In this context, a world that emphasizes collective understanding, emotional ties and an organic or holistic life concept is suggested on the basis of cultural feminism lies a matriarchal / matrimonial view. In connection with this point of view, it is believed that the sovereignty of men brought destruction, tyranny and

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