Liberal Studies And Education Seneca Analysis

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“Why, then, do we educate our children in the liberal studies? It is not because they can bestow virtue, but because they prepare the soul for the reception of virtue” in the text “liberal studies and education” by Seneca, this quote illustrates Seneca’s beliefs in that liberal studies are not the path to virtue in fact he believes that the path to virtue is seen through wisdom. The effects of virtue through wisdom are illustrated in the text through the characteristics of loyalty, kindliness and temperance.
Seneca believes an individual achieves virtue when one shows true wisdom he believes that this is not achieved through the studies of liberal studies. Seneca illustrates this through the use of several key points throughout the text. “Liberal arts do not conduct the soul all the way to virtue, but merely set it going in that direction” this quote shows that Seneca believes liberal arts are the building blocks to wisdom but however having knowledge does not make you virtuous. He believes that yes liberal studies can help you be knowledgeable but that doesn’t make you wise
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Seneca Illustrates the contrasts between knowledgeable man and a wise man he says “The wise man will know what causes the reflection in a mirror, but, the mathematician can merely tell you how far the body should be from the reflection, and what shape of mirror will produce a given reflection” this quote informs the readers on how Seneca views the differences between a knowledgeable man and a wise man. “You know what a straight line is; but how does it benefit you if you do not know what is straight in this life of ours.” This quote is referring to the fact that yes knowledgably people will know the
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