Realism Vs Liberalism Essay

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The manner in which liberalism is understood would differ according to what theory or ideology is being explained under. Liberals take a positive view regarding the human nature, they contend that individuals are self-centered and compete with each other and they certainly share a lot of things together, this is one of the reasons why the individual is important in a society they help in maintaining the state and how the states will cooperate with each other. In this assignment I am going to elaborate the difference between liberalism as an ideology and liberalism as a theory in international relations, I will also describe contemporary development in international relations that links up with liberalism. Institutional liberalism
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Preservation of individual and the attainment of the individual happiness are the supreme goals of a liberal political system(Goodwin, 2007: 41). Liberalism as an ideology their economy is based on the doctrine of laissez-faire, Heywood contends that a distinctively liberal economic creed had developed that extolled virtues of the laissez-faire, the liberal ideologist condemns all forms of government intervention in the economy(Heywood, 2013:31), they believe that the economy functions much more better without the government taking part in…show more content…
There are many actors in international affairs which all of them they do contribute to the rich texture of interactions overlaying the basic anarchic structure of the whole world (McGowan, 2006: 39). According to international liberalism, the liberalist state that liberalism hold that interaction between states is not only limited to the political security (high politics) but they also go broader to economic or cultural (low politics), whether they do this trough commercials, firms, organizations or individuals but their aim is for states to interact with each other and to also improve their economies not only their political cultures (Jackson, 2013:
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