Liberalism And Liberalism

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Introduction The manner in which liberalism is understood would differ according to what theory or ideology is being explained under. Liberals take a positive view regarding the human nature, they contend that individuals are self-centered and compete with each other and they certainly share a lot of things together, this is one of the reasons why the individual is important in a society they help in maintaining the state and how the states will cooperate with each other. In this assignment I am going to elaborate the difference between liberalism as an ideology and liberalism as a theory in international relations, I will also describe contemporary development in international relations that links up with liberalism. Institutional liberalism…show more content…
And also theory according to the oxford advanced learners dictionary is defined as the formal set of ideas that is intended to explain why something happens or exist. According to Heywood ideology is a more or less coherent set of ideas that provide a basis for organized political action, whether it wants to preserve, modify or overthrow the system of power relationships that exist. All ideologies offer an account of the existing order in the form of a world view, ideologies thus provide a model of a desired future and it also outlines how political change can and should be brought about. A theory is a then said to be a set of logically interrelated propositions and the implications that follow from them which is used to explain some phenomenon implicit in any theory is a set of underlying assumptions and methods that happen to be questioned often. Liberalism as an…show more content…
The liberal tradition is closely connected with the emergence of the modern liberal state. John Locke in the 17th century he saw a great potential for human progress in modern civil society and the capitalist economy both which could then flourish in states which guaranteed individual liberty(Jackson, 2013: 100). Modernity projects a new and better life free of authoritarian rule and with a much higher level of material welfare. Liberalism as a theory, they do take morality into account they see it as an important value of the

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