Liberalism In International Relations

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Q: IS LIBERALISM A FORM OF REALISM? Liberalism and realism are the two key theories of international relations. Realism is the first school of thought in international relations. The tradition of realism is traced back to the history of Thucydides in 5th century. The concept of realism originated all the way back from Peloponnesian war (between Athenians and Spartans around 420 BC). After Second World War, realism emerged as accepted wisdom in international relations because of the clear lessons that war appeared to reiterate. Whereas Liberalism stands for state’s internal political strength as the key factor for its foreign policy. Liberalism fully exploded as a comprehensive movement against the old order during the French Revolution, which influenced later events on the European continent and around the world. It further lays emphasis on state preferences rather than national power as primary determinant of state activities. There are certain events in history that purely served realist paradigm’s fundamental postulates. One main event is the Iraq war 2003. . Thucydides famous statement-the iron law of realism ‘the strong do what they have to do and the weak accept what they have to accept’ can be a satisfying rationalization for the war in Iraq. (Strong hegemonic power-the USA did what she had to do and the weak-Iraq accepted what she had to accept. The invasion of Iraq seems to prove a very well-known important part of the realist tradition, according to which when
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