Liberalism In The 21st Century

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It is obvious that in the 21st century, liberalism tends to be all powerful. Liberalism includes the concept of liberty and equality and two types of liberalism are also introduced, which will be discussed in the following essay. It is a compound of political, social and economic theories that emphasis on liberal in individual, freedom of economic, democracy and the way to rule the country by law. First of all, let us define what liberty is. Liberty comes from the word “liber” in Latin which means free. Liberty is one of the political concepts that people have the freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religious and freedom of arm. It occurs when the state takes excessive action constraining different action, beliefs and thought of…show more content…
People have the right to choose and to voice out in the public unless it isn’t harmful to others. There are four forms of liberalism, they are: classical liberalism, new liberalism, neo liberalism and utilitarianism. Firstly, the importance of classical liberalism is to enhance private property and personal freedom. It urges that the economic system should be private and not belong to the government while everyone has the right to change or own it. Moreover, classical liberalism believes that there should be little adequate intervention to the private owners from being too powerful to the economy and monopolies occur. Secondly, new liberalism also called the social liberalism which challenges personal liberty and private property as it states that this will cause unequal distribution in wealth and cause a wide gap between the rich and the poor. It believes that government should intervene the society to avoid inequality happens. In contrast, neo- liberalism believes government intervention is a waste of time and money since the government needs to spend a lot of money and this will reduce their revenue in return and , it emphasis on equality of opportunity and free market in the economy. Utilitarianism introduced that the main purpose for government is the increase the level of utility in the society. Utility is defined into different ways which include happiness, pleasure and the…show more content…
I believe in democracy, civil liberties, and the rule of law. That makes me a liberal, and I’m proud of it.” ( Krugman). In my own opinion, liberalism should be supported. No one in the countries wants to be restricted by different laws or regulation to control the individual movement as no one prefers imperialism which every individual got no right, no freedom to vote or voice out their own opinion etc. Liberalism encourages changes to be occurred in the society since people have the right to do whatever they want unless it harms. People can elect a single representative to control the country democratically. Errors could be corrected by different equal regulation set up by the constitution that has passed the law and accepted by the citizens. It aims to change the society without concern in the failure of the changes. Reforms are encouraged, people call liberalism as an idea of change in the world and being applauded as the best ideology ever. Other ideologies such as conservatism introduce that government should not care about the citizen and they should bear their own responsibility while liberalism suggested that government has the duty to protect citizen from whatever harmful issues. With the use of other ideology, economic boom is comparably harder to achieve since the aim to make the riches richer and the poor poorer with no helping hands to them. This

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