Liberalism and Communism: Politics in 'The Hunger Games'

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Introduction Liberalism and Communism are two big conflicting ideologies. The spread of these ideologies even caused the Cold War in 1947-1991. The war is called Cold War because the war was not a physical war like World War I and II, but the war was done by spreading both ideologies to other countries. Liberalist countries were led by America, which was also called the West Block, and the followers’ countries were Western Europe and Japan. As for communism, it was held by the Eastern Block, the Soviet Union, and the followers’ were some countries in Eastern Europe, China, North Korea, and North Vietnam. In the Cold War, communism and liberalism emphasize on strengthening the military and nuclear weapon ( With these strengths,…show more content…
According to Marx and Engel, cited by Linklater (2005), there are two social classes, namely the bourgeoisies and the proletariats. The bourgeoisies have power in government and economics, while proletariats are only workers ruled by bourgeoisies (p.110). Marx said, “Class struggle have been the principal form of conflict in the whole of human history. Political revolution has been the main agent of historical development while technological innovation has been the driving-force behind social change” (Marx in Linkanter, 2005, p. 114). It means that there should be a political revolution to solve the class struggle. If there is no movement of the revolution, the dream of equality will not come true. The victory of the workers will be a triumph of humanity (Marx in Lovell, 2002, p.…show more content…
Liberalism calls for a free exchange of ideas, a market economy that supports private enterprise that is relatively free, rejects any restrictions on the possession of individuals, and requires a transparent system of government. Burchill (2005) said that free trade could unify the country and society. Tom Paine, a political activist, as cited by Burchill, said that conflicts often occur in the States that do not liberate their people. The solution of the conflict is to make labor, commodities, and drive the capital freely. He assumed that free trade will bring peace and end the conflicts between society and government. However, the free market leads the society to be capitalists. The rich get richer and the poor will still be

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