Nationalism: The Great Wall Of China

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The barbarian force of the Mongols caused issues that were significant to China which made the most impact on the Chinese culture in a wall being built. This wall is known as the Great Wall of China. The wall contained a sense of nationalism to protect the nation and liberalism to keep people in and not letting Chinese civilians leave. Nationalism can best be described as the support and one's value of their own country is preserved. Liberalism is the act of liberal perspectives being perpetuated. One of the reasons The Great Wall of China was built was for safety. Also, it reveals what China went through with war and finally, it is relevant to the Chinese society due to the Great Wall still being a part of society today. A sense of nationalism…show more content…
The wall is no longer used for defense but if the Chinese leader and the military want to they can if needed. However, the Great Wall of China is now a landscape monument tourist go to explore and experience. The Great Wall according to history has “been impacted negatively by the construction of tourist facilities and a cable car.” This shows how the Chinese nation is not isolated anymore and liberalism in China gives civilians freedom to do as they please. This causes damage to the wall that represents their nation; Chinese government/leader are not doing anything to prevent harm to the wall, however, they can not interrogate or prosecute terrorist for looking at one of the largest landscape features in the world. Now, the government could just repair the Great Wall when it starts to crumble or let monument perish. Now that the Great Wall is not used to isolate China they are able to progress and are able to accept other…show more content…
An idea can be drawn with the Great Wall in being a border because it kept threats away for a long period of time. Even though threats and the world were isolated from China they still fell sooner or later by a stronger strategist empire in the Mongols. The fate of the wall that President Trump has can fall just like the Great Wall of China.
In conclusion, the strategic Mongol Empire was able to diminish the Great Wall of China’s purpose. But the significance of the wall is still maintained as a reminder of Chinese history. The purpose of the wall is not to isolate China as it once did but to encourage China to progress and remember their
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