Liberalism: One Of The Idealism In International Relations

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Liberalism is one of the main paradigm in International Relations beside the Realism as a dominant in International Relations theory, Liberalism have approach and related International Relations are called too of complex interdependence. Related to history Liberalism is derived and rooted from the latin word liber that means free. Still related to history of Liberalism, Spain and United Kingdom are the countries that employed and introduced what is Liberalism. This is proved with the main idea and the roots of Liberalism can be find from the writing of John Locke and Adam Smith. Liberalism itself developed in the 1970’s, at that year Realism was mould in that time. The present of Liberalism in that year is too against the Realism theory, beside the Idealism as the paradigm and the concentration from the Liberalism that against the Realism, but the present of the Liberalism in that year considered more strategist and suitable for against the Realism. The present of Liberalism at that year giving a big impact to the world especially in Europe country, because in that year the economic become the problem and every country need cooperation to another country. Bassically, Realism and Liberalism have a little simillarity about the assumption that state is greedy and have a lot of interests, the way that make are different is in how they can reach agreement in fulfill the interests The Liberalism beleifs that states have many interests because they need that they can not produce so
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