Liberalism Vs Conservatism Essay

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The ideology I got after taking the survey was under the category, next generation left which meant liberalism. After reading the description it makes sense to me what liberalism, and conservatism mean and their differences. Also after reading the results and doing some research of different views from different groups, it makes sense because I believe some of the issues and thoughts of liberalism make sense. One person may not know where they are politically, but here are some differences. Liberalist are very open to change and believe everybody is equal. While conservatives want things to stay the same, they believe not everybody is equal in the fact as you shouldn’t be in the United States if you are out of the normal citizen. Also, liberals believe that while the second amendment says you are allowed to have a gun for protection, you don’t need a gun, and causes more harm than foul. While conservatives believe that is it allowed and necessary protection, and is a right so they are allowed. Both sides having very different ideas, they all have the right to their own opinion.…show more content…
Liberalist believe the government is their to make all people equal and all have the same rights. While conservatives believe it is their job to give them the freedom to pursue their goals, emphasizing the individuals should take care of the problems. Another controversial topic is abortion, I strongly believe if you want an abortion and are not ready for a child, or didn’t attend to have a child in the first place. You are allowed to have an abortion as you wish, and can make the decision without being punished. Conservatives believe a fetus has the rights to it’s mother and also taxpayer money shouldn’t be used towards abortions, unlike Liberalist. It is difficult deciding to have an abortion, and when you decide it is your body being able to do what you want with
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