Liberalism Vs Conservatism

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The location of the liberal party in the 20th century later replaced by the working class. Founded in February 1900, the federation of trade unions launched the British labor representatives committee, by affiliated to the worker congress of trade unions and the Fabian society, independent Labour and social democratic alliance, renamed in 1906 the Labour party. Labour early attached to the liberals, and during world war I joined the party coalition cabinet, but starting in 1924, the liberal party formally decline, Labour and the tories, in turn until today.The conservative seems to be more easy to contend with the status quo, or liberal more prone to anxiety self-reflection.Although classical liberal thought, can survive things usually have some function, and good for society, but they also know that in the legal, political, and economic aspects of some long-term continuous practice and tradition, completely is because of the powerful interest groups in order to want to benefit from the public policy and the result of the pressure. Therefore, we actively advocate in the column to break the status quo, in order to improve the efficiency and increases the chances of the poor.
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