Liberation Struggle In South Africa Essay

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The liberation struggle is defined as the need for equity, opportunities and resources on behalf of any group believed to be treated unfairly. During the apartheid era the black South Africans fought against the oppression of black people so that they can be liberated, treated with respect and also that South Africa may be a democratic state. The mind-set formed during the apartheid era was that South Africa is a jungle where majority of black south Africans are cruel, starving and are living with no hope hence, they have developed that apartheid mentality, that is the reason why they want to hold on to everything they have because they fear that all that will be taken away from them again.
Black South Africans fail to unite with people from other countries. (Adejumobi, May, 2008). Observing what had happened recently in South Africa in
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Apartheid is all that happened in the past in South Africa, black South Africans have amended things, and they have managed to live with the pain of knowing how it feels like to be racially segregated (D. McCann and Y. Amadu Maddy, 1985:81), however it is not easy for them to just forget how they were ill- treated, being attacked and forcefully removed from their homes. Moreover, matter that still resonates is that of people who did not come before the court to testify about their wrong deeds and be granted amnesty that is the reason why the majority of black South Africans still have problems associating themselves with other races like whites, coloreds and
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