Liberty Packs

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The Liberty Packs program is a weekend backpack program that provides food insecure children with a bag of easy-to-prepare food items. Each participant will receive a backpack filled with nonperishable items to assist with food-insecurity issues that may arise over the weekend and on school holidays. The Liberty packs program is a school and community-based program to meet the needs of our low socio-economic population. The bag of food items are for the participant and their family members. Approximately 60% of the middle school students receive free or reduced priced school meals united with an increased homeless population, requires additional support. The Liberty Packs program will be an additional key resource for each family. There…show more content…
The teacher discovered that the student was not eating while she was away from school. So, she gathered all of her “school snacks”, (food items that she ate while at school, microwavable macaroni and cheese, pasta bowls, etc.) and presented them to the student to eat during the school’s winter break. This incident made the staff “check on” other students that were suspected with having food-insecurity. Supplying students with basic needs such as: food items, addresses other unwarranted behaviors. When students are given the basic resources that they need to perform, there will be a better desired outcome. During Dr. Lauri Kirsch’s presentation, she discussed one of the professional development strategies where she conducted a simulation of students that have resources along with students that do not have resources. The professional development titled “Four Corners”, paired teachers together, rationing out supplies, and asking all the groups to produce the same outcome. This analogy resembles what students from impoverished areas face, daily. They are not as equipped as their counterparts yet they are asked to perform at the same
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