Liberty's Dawn Chapter Summary

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A Review of Liberty’s Dawn Since the very beginning of cognitive thinking, scholars of some form have looked to dates throughout history that have changed the trajectory of society as a whole. Whether it be a gruesome altercation of forces or social movements that have changed the world - Emma Griffin in Liberty’s Dawn, elaborates on how the people of England had evolved as people during the Industrial Revolution. One of the most eye popping things that occurs in Liberty’s Dawn is the way Griffin portrays this time period as a whole. This time period is usually associated with dreadful working conditions for the working class and unimaginable unemployment rates. The light that Griffin shines on the subject contradicts what many believe to be a terrible period for all those involved. We see a glimpse of this…show more content…
Griffin’s sources come from primary sources; She mentions this factoid repeatedly throughout that these personal states come from 100+ autobiographies of a great variety of perspectives of this period. Throughout the novel the same paragraph structure is seen repeatedly as it introduces these new ideas and is usually a paragraph or two from a certain selection followed by similar experiences from other authors to reinforce that the certain occurrence wasn’t just one in a million but common among many. The method in which Griffin incorporates is very effective in nature. As she goes through chapter by chapter she brings her stance to center stage. The effectiveness stems from how briefly Griffin touches on the oppositions stance when it came to a variety of topics discussed in the book. She followed those little tidbits with statements from the autobiographies that essentially drowned out the oppositions claim and would leave a lasting impression that was in line with her way of
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