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Opening: If your libido has been decreasing recently, then here’s an available option for you: ‘Pink Viagra’. So what do you need to know before applying this available option to heat up your sex life again? The article below will give 5 things that is mandatory if you want to try this method. Body: 1. Pink Viagra is a FDA approved product, however, it comes with stringent safe measures Besides enhancing libido for women, taking this pink pill means that you are at a risk of experiencing low blood pressure, fainting, fatigue, or dizziness. That is why the medication is advised to take at night, when the effects when bother you much compared to daytime. In addition, this probability increases significantly when you take the pill with a sip…show more content…
Before selling Pink Viagra to the customers, the pharmacists will remind them to not drink alcohol while taking the drug, or take the drug with other prescribed medications to avoid any further complications. Also, the pharmacist will guide you to take no more than 100 milligram pill per day. 1. Women have suffered the lack of sexual desire for…show more content…
Nevertheless, through Pink Viagra, their sexual desire can now be found again. 2. It’s been a hard road finding out a drug for the decrease of sexual desire in women Dysfunction and the lack of sexual desire in women have always been a difficult subject for scientists and researchers, as there have been no answer for the question of how much desire is normal, what is the mechanism that the researchers should target, and what amount of drugs is the most efficient to solve the problem. 3. Keep in mind that Pink Viagra is not the same with Viagra Pink Viagra works differently from Viagra, as it increases libido by modulating neurochemical in the brain. To be specific, the pill temporarily decreases the amount of serotonin in the body, which is believed to have an effect towards increasing libido. 4. Consult with a doctor before taking the pill It is very dangerous to take any kind of medications without the instruction of a doctor, and same goes for Pink Viagra. Closing: As it turns out, besides offering an option for decreased libido, Pink Viagra can also propose health problems when used incorrectly. That being said, before taking this pill, consult a doctor or a health care provider for further medical advice and

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