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Library Consortium in terms of Personnel
In an article written by Pasek (2015), she presented a concept map for organizing and planning librarian liaison activities in the current academic environment in the United States. Topics discussed include the importance of campus collaboration, the need for librarians to participant in the departmental events and colloquium, and ways to increase visibility and communication with students. On the other side, Turner (2013) stated that changes in personnel and structure of the Collection Development Committee happened for several reasons, but the major cause of both was the amount of work and time required to investigate new products, negotiate licenses, process renewals, communicate with membership
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The productive use of library resources and facilities, by its clientele is an ultimate test of its effectiveness. Result showed that both faculty accreditors and campus librarians rated Very Functional and a very high rating on “the academic library shall make its collection and services accessible to all users”. This implies that CTU-Tuburan Campus Library is functioning well in providing services and in utilizing resources in support of the objectives of the parent…show more content…
Although the library expands itself and promotes management of its holdings, the rapid growth of holdings and long-term preservation of resource still make the libraries facing tremendous pressure in space and development. In recent years, the rise of cooperative storage library greatly eases the library storage space of library main hall. (Wang, 2013) According to Gako (2015) physical facilities refers to adequate space and appropriate facilities which are accessible to the students, faculty and other users. It shall be designed to allow for future rearrangement and expansion. Faculty accreditors revealed very functional except for facilities for people with disabilities (PWD) shall be provided. On the other hand, campus librarians also revealed very functional except for the academic library shall have a seating capacity of not less than 15% of the total enrollment was functional, and less functional for facilities for people with disabilities (PWD) shall be provided. This was because the university failed to provide equipment and facilities for easy access of

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