Library Importance In Education

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Library is a necessary piece of any educational institution. Relating it to a human composition, it is the heart which serves as the pumping station of the body. A person could not live without a heart because this organ is liable for pumping blood althroughout the body in order to function well. Library, as the heart of the school, have a huge impact on the total functionality of the said institution. Indeed, a library is more vital than a school since the it can work without a school, but a school cannot perform well without a library as stated by Dr. Shanker Dayal Sharma in Lanzuela, (2008).Furthermore, there can be no school without ample library facilities, services, and resources that could provide necessary knowledge for the production of quality education, Aggabao, (1991). Libraries are service-oriented organizations established for the provision of appropriate information resources and quality services to meet the users information needs (Howard 2003).This states that a library is an organization that is built for the people to benefit. It is for everybody regardless of age, color, race and other categories that have diversities. It also provides variety of literacy materials that are needed to meet the different welfare and educational needs. Libraries also can give the users with continuously altering consistent, and interesting reading, and literacy materials to sustain the establishment of an optimistic outlook towards literacy, making it a fun place to spend
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