Information Retrieval Skill

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Information Retrieval Skill
As the public library web-based libraries are the database of databases, the library professional should have the professional technological skills of comprehensive retrieval of right information from a public library database in a logical and analytical manner and to provide it to its users at the right time. The public library professional should be in a position to help its diversified user community by providing retrospective searches, ready reference services, bibliographic services, selective dissemination of information services, News Paperclipping service, and compilation of information for the local people needs etc. 6
Basic Skill
Traditional skill includes those basic skills, which are necessary for running
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They should have to apply some of these managerial skills in planning, decision-making, and motivating the library user.Time management skill is one of the important

managerial skills required for a successful public library professional. Total
Quality Management (TQM) of the public library is mostly reliant on the managerial skill of the library professional 6 .
Communication Skill
The library and information professionals act as the mediator between the information users/ seekers and the information resources or information providers.
In the digital public library environment, librarianship is now rightly hailed as the public relationship. Therefore proper communication skill is also important for the library and information professionals. They should be acquainted with the skill of technical communication writing, as they should have to deal with various groups of people through Fax, E-Mail, Bulletin Board, Web Sites, Blogs, Whats up twitter, and facebook etc. the social website will play a key role for the library professional that he connect with his users. He should make the library connectivity facility for the user. The SMS alert service about new arrival
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However, a public library is becoming available to the user's community at their doorstep but this beneficial technological application in a library institution will be fully successful only when there is a close co- ordination between the IT and the human resource. Because it is mandatory for any public library that before implementation of any information technology it should be ensured that, the professional possess the required skills and competence. In the digital India environment, the LIS professionals have to face different kinds of challenges; so there is the maximum need of the skill enhancement program for the library professional. Besides academic institutions, other organizations may also help in enhancing the skills of the library professionals. Along with the potential working

skills, the library professionals should also have the positive attitude to work for the benefit of the public library and make it truly public institution for achieving its long-term goals of social and economic empowerment. As the National Knowledge
Commission (NKC) 8 , under the chairmanship of San Pitroda has stated that
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