Licensed Practical Nurse Essay

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In the healthcare field, there are so many occupations to choose from. Occupations and careers and important milestones in life because they not only define so much about you, but they set what you are going to do the rest of your life. The healthcare field is a field of high interest to many people. One occupation of great interest is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). An LPN is someone who works under registered nurses or physicians and takes care of sick, injured, or disabled patients. Licensed Practical Nurses take vital signs, give out medication and measure/monitor frequency and amounts, provide personal hygiene assistance to patients, supervise nursing assistants and aides, set up, clean up, and use catheters, oxygen supplies, and other equipment, and provide care and feeding to infants. They are required to know how to do these things and be certified in doing them. A Licensed Practical Nurse is required to have a diploma or certificate in practical nursing. All Licensed Practical Nurses are to take and pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). This occupation can require a two year Tech. degree or a 4 year degree. Around this area, you can get this degree…show more content…
Considering blood and guts and other types of gorey medical work. A strong stomach is highly advised. An LPN must also need to have great communications skills. Being a good listener and being able to describe and summarize instructions/procedures is needed. An LPN must also be organized, supportive, dependable, good-natured, honest, and compassionate. Other types of skills would include: attention to detail, time management skills, good ethical standards, problem solving, high stress tolerance, and ability to be part of a team. An LPN has a lot of responsibility, just like a real nurse or doctor. Making sure that they have most of these skills and details is very important when working such a stressful job like they
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