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Company profile
Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG is a German discount supermarket chain that was founded in 1930, with its headquarters in Neckarsulm, Baden-Württemberg in Germany. The company currently operates over 10,000 stores spread across Europe. The company originally was known as Schewarz Assorted Wholesale Foods and in 1973 it was opened as Lidl. The company has gotten its name Lidl from the surname of a former business partner of Josef Schewarz’s named Ludwig Lidl. The right to the name was bought from Ludwig Lidl, a retired school teacher for 1,000 German Marks and Lidl is part of the giant group Schewarz Group, which is among the largest retail groups in the world. The company was initially developed into a general food wholesaler, but under
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5. Aldi

Organizational hierarchy and values
Lidl has a relatively flat organizational culture, where the management believes in and supports initiative and drive on the part of the employee. Given that the management policy is to prepare sales targets along with the participation of employees, the flat structure is enabled, instead of a top down commanding approach. Defining duties and responsibilities, developing tasks and defining areas of responsibility are done by the management together with the employees.
In addition, the management places a significant level of trust and confidence in employees that employees will complete the tasks to the best of their abilities. Ideas from employees are welcome, which allows for direct, transparent and honest communication.
Furthermore, Lidl believes in providing periodic feedback to its employees to help them improve their work performance, This allows the management scope to provide constructive criticism where improvement is required and recognize good performance through award systems.
Lidl adopts a proactive approach to problem solving and crisis handling, as well as day to day business improvement. This allows Lidl to manage competition effectively it faces from
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At the top end of the level Lidl has a regional manager in charge of stores in a certain region, followed by a store manager who is responsible for the upkeep of the store along with being in charge of his/her team. A personnel manager and personnel assistant would usually be on the store premises overseeing each store respectively. A fresh food section manager would be in charge of the employees duties such as a bakery assistant and produce

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