Lidtke Mill Ghost Short Story

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This is the story of the Lidtke Mill ghost. It was February 22nd, 1859 when they saw the figure. They had been getting complaints about the sound last summer when people drove by. Some even claimed there was a figure in the doorways. The owner, though had never believed those people. But this story had changed them, and It will change you to and what you think about ghost. They had just opened the mill and had already had things out of the ordinary happening. Their equipment had been disappearing. Then they had started to to get company no one came to the mill for a week and a half. The owner had then sat down with one another and had discussed everything that was happening. Then an old man had appeared from the corner and said
“don't you
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“Soooo the stor….. “
“ it was 3 months after her sister had died,”
What were their names ?” john the boss son asked scarcely
“ there Names were Annabelle and Kendall Cartwright now may if finish?”
They all noded
“ ok now where was I oh yes, it was 3 months after Annabelle had died, now Kendall had gone to try and make things right with her sister so she would stop haunting the mill. Annabelle though had an idea she was going to light the mill on fire to show that she will always haunt the mill and get revenge for what they had done. Her sister Kendall was in there when Annabelle had lit the match. Kendall was found after the firefighter had put out the fire.”
“ Wait did they ever find Annabelle?”
“ yes they had found her right after the flood she had washed up on the road.”
“ wait how do you know this much about the incident.”
“The 2 girls are my daughters.”
“ how about a wife?”
“ she was killed in a plane crash and they never found her body all they found was an arm and a shoe she now haunts the airport that the they crashed into.”
“ well then what’s your name and your late wife's name?”
“Her name is Jackie and Mine is
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