Lidya Ender: A Short Story

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Lidya Ender (Leo) P.O.V.

A brochure slipped in though the slit of the Victorian styled house and the bell was rang.

'Come on down to Constalation Academy. I promise we will be worth your wait.
We offer many important extra curricular activities and our teaching is out of this world! '

Fresh out the shower, Lidya plopped down on her queen sized matress. She already finished packing her ten suitcases yesterday, but she still couldn 't figure out what to wear. She didn 't want to seem to flashy with her crop top and mini skirt, but she did want to seem better than everyone. With around thirty minutes of staring into her almost empty closet, the young hipster decided on a final outfit that consisted of a plain black muscle tee, gray ripped
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"HIJA(daughter)! WE 'RE RUNNING LATE APÚRATE(hurry up)!" Yelled a female voice from down the stairs.

"ESPERE(hold on)! IM COMING" the frustrated Leo closed her makeup kit, and ran down stairs and rushed out the door.
Lidya walked past her two brothers tossing her luggages into the cab.

"I 'm here I 'm here." She assured her mother.

"Oh my hija, I 'll miss you! Remember to focus on your studies and don 't play around with wild boys" She embraced me in a bear hug.

'Boys were the only reason I would even consider going to this school. '

Lidya always played miss perfect--I mean have you SEEN her? Anyway, she went to an all girls school that had uniforms this was her chance to escape her boring ass life. Her chance to be fun.

"Oh of course I 'll be the smartest one there madre, no silly boys will stop that," she lied as she kissed her mother 's forehead.

"You pinheads better take care of my mother or I 'll beat your asnos," she said jokingly.

"I 'll see you all on whatever break they give me." The brunette smiled. She then hopped in the back seat of the taxi and waved to her family as the taxi speed off.


The breaks of the car was stepped on sending the sleeping Leo sailing into the passenger seat 's headrest.

"Could have been a bit more carful,

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