Facial Expressions In Communication Essay

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In point of fact, communication is actually important. It is capable of telling the other what is on your mind without fighting or arguing. There are two basic kinds of communication: verbal and non- verbal communication. In fact, many researches show that the majority of the messages we send are non-verbal (about ninety percent of what we say is conveyed non-verbally). On a daily basis, we usually use some actions such as nodding, smiling, grinning etc. in our life but we don’t know what it is the non- verbal communication. In reality, facial expressions are a part of non-verbal conversation, a basic mode of non-verbal communication among people to convey emotions, feelings and ideas. Campos said that: "The face is a component [of emotion]. But to make it the center of study of the human being experiencing an emotion is like saying the only thing you need to study in
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Not that the transmission is unimportant, but it 's only part of an entire system.” Nevertheless, many scholars argue that facial expression is extremely important in communication because it reveals the human feeling honestly. Paul Ekman is the world 's leading authority on the interpretation of facial expressions and the scientific advisor to the popular Fox TV drama Lie to Me. Ekman has established that whenever we experience an emotion, it is automatically expressed by the facial muscles. “When we are in conversation, we tend to pay more attention to the face, which is where speech comes from and where the eyes are, than to the rest of the body. As a result, we lend to be more accurate in making judgements about emotion and deception base on facial expression than based on body movement.” (Gallois and Callan, 1997, p. 57). In this writing, I will share some information about types, advantages and disadvantages of facial expressions. Furthermore, I also want to point up the differences and similarities in the ways of facial expression through different cultures on

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