Liebesleid Love's Sorrow Theme

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The album opens up with “Liebesleid” (Love’s Sorrow). Originally composed by Fritz Kreisler in 1905, Liebesleid is an incredibly emotional and remorseful piece. However, when played on the theremin, it strangely becomes romantic. I have heard Liebesleid played so many times on the violin with the same emotion conveyed - sorrow. To hear Liebesleid played romantically is a very strange experience. And I love it. This cover of Liebesleid is fantastic and changes the tone and feel of the song to the complete opposite of how it was “meant” to sound.

The next song is “Bach: Suit for orchestra no 3 in D major” and it sounds awful. This piece has quite a few low notes and the theremin sounds drone-y and it becomes physically painful to listen to

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