Lies And Deceit In The Crucible

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n The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, the play involved various themes. A very popular theme in the play is lies and deceit. The small town of Salem was all fouled that witchery was happening by a group of girls. Many people got involved in the court cases, and some people had very bad consequences then just being blamed. Lying only leads to the truth being told and having worse consequences for the people committing the lies.
The Crucible has innocent people that were being accused of witchery. John Proctor was trying to get Mary to confess on her wrong doing and turn away from the girls. Proctor claims that Mary “never saw no spirits”. (Miller 183). Proctor was only trying to set his wife free by making Mary confess. Proctor never let
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It is prohibited to dance because of their religion and soon everyone knew that the group of girls were dancing in the forest naked. Abigail threatened the girls by telling them if they said that they did more than danced in the forest she’ll “come to [them] in the black of some terrible night and [she] will

Lopez 2 bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder [them]” (Miller 148).Abigail and the girls started blaming random people in the town. Abigail’s intensions were to blame goody Proctor and have
John Proctor all to herself. The girls made bad actions instead of confessing. With the huge act they had going on; they caused people to die based on their lies.
Towards the end of the play, Hale goes back into the town Salem and tries to have people confess to save them from being hang. Hale wants Proctor to confess so he can be with pregnant wife. Proctor ends up confessing to the judges to save Rebecca. In order for the confession to be complete Danforth tells Proctor to sign a paper stating that he is confessing about doing witchery. Proctor refuses to sign and tells Danforth “you have all witnessed it- it is enough” (Miller 211). Hale begs Proctor to sign to save his life but Proctor prefers to be
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