Lies And Deceit In William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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“Never lie to someone who trusts you. Never trust someone who lies to you.” -Anonymous. In the play Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare lies and deceit will be shown very well, especially by Don John and Don Pedro, when Don Pedro and Don John deceive and lie to many. Both for different reasons and both have different effects. Don John lies and deceived many, because his brother, Don Pedro, the prince, is happy and Don John is a sad man with no happiness except for making others around him miserable. Don Pedro lies for his friend’s happiness. He lies to help his friends find their path to each other. He deceives many but good things happen after. Don Pedro starts to trust his brother because he says he will no longer be the bad man he once was, and all Don John did was lie. Lies and deception are shown in more ways than one. Don John shows it more in his personality and the way he speaks then actually doing the lie. When he lies and bad things happen, everyone just knows who to blame. The foil characters Don Pedro and Don John suggest that the things that motivate people to lie are because sometimes people think that lying is the only way to fix problems or make problems. In Don John 's case, when Don Pedro is trying to help Claudio to marry Hero. “I heard him swear his affection” Don John (II,I,17). Don John tells this to Claudio as Don Pedro is telling Hero that Claudio would like to marry her. Don John pretends that it’s not him and tells him that Don Pedro
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