Lies And Deception In Hamlet Analysis

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In the play The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, one of the greatest tragedies written by William Shakespeare, the issue of appearance versus reality is a recurring feature. In Act One, readers realize that lies and delusions are constant obstacles that block the characters from seeing the truth and authenticity. Characters in the play have trouble recognizing the difference between what seems to be and what is. The play emphasizes the difficulties that come with identifying appearance from reality. Lies and deception are woven into all the characters. Act One allows the audience to question reality from delusion. In one way or another, mistrust, disbelief, and suspicion are exhibited in all characters. This is done by incorporating deception, lies, and betrayal amongst the play. Act One provides…show more content…
In Scene One, characters are first deceived by appearances with the ghost’s entrance. Horatio waits with Bernardo and Marcellus to see if a ghost will truly appear. After his initial skepticism, he attempts to reason why the late king would appear. He says, “‘That I can./ At least the whisper goes so: our last king,/ Whose image/ even but now appear’d to us,/ Was as you know by Fortinbras of Norway,’” (Shakespeare 1.1.91-94). They believe the king will only appear to warn Denmark of the approaching danger brought by Fortinbras. However, the audience later discovers that the late king appeared so that young Hamlet would avenge his death. Another example of deception in appearances is when Polonius advises his son on how to appear French when he was setting off for France. Polonius tells him,“‘Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy,/ But

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