Lies And Deception In Hamlet

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In 1603 William Shakespeare wrote a play by the name of Hamlet.(Britannica) Hamlet is about a young man whose father, the king of Denmark, was murdered coldly by his own brother. His brother’s name was Claudius and Claudius wanted money, power, and the queen. Once this discovery of foul play is known to Hamlet his quest for revenge had begun, introducing the downward spiral of royal family’s everyday live. Once begun the many occasions of acts of rage, lies and deceit took place, and just like in Hamlet, impulsive actions, lying and deception are very prevalent in today’s society.
A perfect example would be this year’s 2016 election. Politicians have an infamous reputation for stretching the truth and being entangled in heated arguments, and with all of the excitement of Donald Trump running for president, whether good or bad, it has caused quite a reaction in millions of people around the world. Many of these debates have been centered around him and his obscene fits of rage and sometimes rude statement and opinions. And like Donald Trump, Hamlet was very quick to act out of rage when finding out that his this uncle had been poisoned. He instantly wanted revenge, not caring about what consequences may follow him during his quest to killing Claudius. Hamlet sets up his “friends” Guildenstern and Rosencrantz and has
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Towards the end of the play Laertes and Claudius both plot Hamlet's murder, knowing that he nor laureates could kill off hamlet themselves, knowing that he is loved by all of Denmark and his cherished by the queen they chose poison as their weapon. Setting up a fencing match between hamlet and laertes the two had laced laureates sword and hamlets drink. But just as fate would have it, their plan backfired when the queen drank the poisoned drink, ending her life. Hamlet then discovers he has been set up and attacks his uncle, killing him

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