Lies And Manipulation In Ender's Game

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In the novel Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card, he explores a world in which lies and manipulation are a positive idea. The main character, Ender Wiggin, is a six-year-old boy who is recruited into a battle school known as the International Fleet. This battle school was presented to the children as a place where they can train to protect Earth from an alien life form known as buggers.The students soon learn the real reason they are there. Ender in particular begins to figure out that the adults are the enemies as they have continued to lie in order to achieve cooperation. In Ender’s Game, Card argues that lies can be justified for the greater good of an individual. The first example of lies being portrayed as justified for the greater good is when the leaders of the I.F. lie to …show more content…

On Earth there was a bully named, Stilson. Ender found himself getting physically abused by him daily and when he finally got his opportunity, he made sure he was never bullied again. In battle school, there was a commander named, Bonzo that threatened to kill him; then, in the same scenario Ender decided to make sure that he would win the war and erase all future battles. In argument with Major Anderson, Graff states, “Ender’s not a killer. He just wins--thoroughly” (226). The whole time Ender had not been aware he had killed them, and the leaders were manipulating him for his own sake. They explain that they didn’t tell him that he actually killed both Bonzo and Stilson; so that he wouldn’t think of himself as a killer. Throughout the book Ender repeats that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone and doesn’t like that he has to be violent in order to be safe. If Ender would’ve found out, it would destroy his motivation and drive to want to be the best he can be. All in all, Ender is an overall better person because of the fact he didn’t know the

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