Lying: A Brief Analysis Of Annemarie's Story

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Annemarie is a young ten-year old girl who witnesses a tragic event in the year 1943. along the way Annemarie is lied to. Sometimes adults lie to children for their protection or they are not old enough to handle it. In Annemarie's story she is affected by lies and truth, her relationship with the adults in her life, and her journey from girlhood to womanhood.
Annemarie is lied to, the effects of the lies are either good or bad. Sometimes the lie effect Annemarie. When her Uncle Henrik tells her “There is no Great Aunt Birte, and never has been. Your mama lied to you and so did I.” ( Number the Stars page 77). THis lie effected Annemarie because, although Uncle Henrik lied to her, he also asked for forgiveness. Adults usually lie to a child because they can’t handle the truth.
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She is close to Peter.Because when Annemarie saw Peter, Barefoot she ran into the living room and into Peter's arms. (Number the Stars page 23). Annemarie is close to her uncle Henrik and her mama and papa.Being close to the adults in your life is important because you have no idea how much you need them until they're gone.
On Annemarie's journey from girlhood to womanhood. Annemarie had to be responsible to especially when her mama fell and hurt her ankle. When she was getting ready to take the package to Uncle Henrik, Mama told her” If any soldiers see you, if they stop you, you must pretend to be nothing more than a little girl.”(Number the Stars page 105). At that time Annemarie had to think think like a little girl. With her mama falling and hurting her ankle Annemarie had to be responsible and act older and take the package to her uncle. in conclusion Annemarie was a little girl who was not told the truth. She was very close to her family. And she experienced a journey from girlhood to womanhood. All in what made Annemarie's story
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