Liesel Character Analysis

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0:43Liesel begins helping her mother with their laundry business and she collects and delivers 0:47the laundry to the rich houses in the area. She becomes particularly interested in the 0:52mayor's house because of the large library of books. The mayor's wife even lets Liesel 0:56read in the library whenever she likes. 0:58In her spare time, Liesel enjoys playing soccer with the other kids. Rudy, an athletic boy 1:03who has a crush on Liesel, befriends her and they participate in mischief, like stealing. 1:08But times begin to get harder for the Hubermann's as the country's internal conflict with the 1:12Jews escalates into World War II. Hans is getting less work as a painter and Rosa's 1:17laundry business is losing customers. Liesel is particularly…show more content…
Death occurs throughout the story and ultimately 3:19defines many of the characters. The opening death of Liesel's brother fixates in her mind 3:24and dreams, often haunting her for weeks and months. Even the death of Max's father, Hans' 3:30old war friend, has a great influence on Hans, as he learns the accordion and takes in Max, 3:36a Jew, during a highly volatile time. 3:38This story also discusses the power of words and language. Readers see the rise of Liesel 3:43through just the simple act of reading. Initially, written words separated Liesel from the world, 3:49but after she learns to read, she becomes a part of a bigger world. 3:52From her reading comes her writing. And it's when she begins authoring her own life that 3:57she finds her true power. 3:59More than that, death is literally telling this story. The tone and voice, though contemporary, 4:04is personable. The narrator is the personification of death - whether it be a grim reaper, angel 4:10of death, or demon. 4:11Readers are learning the story of Liesel and her family through an omnipotent narrator 4:15who is both supernatural and spiritual. Through this insight of death by death, readers learn 4:21that death is inevitable and that we are all on its
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