Power Of Words In Max Vandenberg's The Book Thief

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The unbreakable, Max Vandenberg, Max Vandenberg is a Jewish fist-fighter who ends up hiding in the basement of the Hubermann’s residence. Max windups there because Max’s father saved Hans’s life in World War I, as a way of repaying Max’s father Hans takes Max into care, however, this inevitably positions the Hubermann’s life in grave jeopardy. Max also feels ashamed of his burden towards the Hubermann’s, since he knows that his presence means that the Hubermann’s are no longer safe. Besides from their deep hatred for Hitler, Max, and Liesel connect in plenty of ways, they both suffer nightmares about their bygones, as well as imagining themselves literary fighting Germans. They also use Hans Hubermann as a way to relieve themselves from problems…show more content…
As Liesel Meminger manages to cripple the hearts of many and patch them over and over again. It makes them weep for the monsters that human beings can be, but rather delight in how wonderful we are capable of being. With that in mind, the power of words was, in fact, pivotal in the contribution to the survival and endurance of the major characters in the novel. Through the power of words, you can deceive and alter the perception of life and creation on others. In deduction, Mark Zusak effectively uses the power of words to demonstrate how crucial it was to the survival and growth of major characters, he also expresses this through numerous perspectives. Liesel represents the power of words and its ability to deceive and persuade; however, Rudy is affected negatively the most through the power of words, these representations of how words can be powerful are merely exercised through emotional measures rather than through expression of thought, which certainly affects the outcome of the story. The literary devices in the novel have allowed the author to depict an image of how the power of words is displayed. Besides this, the application of this analysis could be more intensive that just this instance, which is why it is critical to understand the power of analyzing the effect that words can have, they can revamp and change views to represent a completely different perspective. The Book Thief is a buoyant novel that educates and guides youth to be more cautious about the effect of words on altering your
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