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Nine years old, alone, suffering from the death of her brother, Liesel has been separated from her mother and left at 33 Kimmel Street in Molching to live with Hans and Rosa Hubermann. In this book narrated by Death himself Liesel is made fun of at school because she is unable to read. Early on Liesel realizes that she is powerless without words and this is one of the things that drives her throughout the book to never be powerless… wordless. Liesel has nightmares when she is first living at Himmel Street and she has to be sat with by Hans through the night. Liesel is happy and content living on Himmel Street and she becomes good friends with a guy named Rudy Steiner that is always trying to kiss her. After a while on Himmel Street Liesel is no longer happy with her situation…show more content…
One night, Rudy takes Liesel to the mayor’s house where she officially earns the title of “book thief” when she sneaks in through the window and takes the book titled “the whistler” from Ilsa’s library. In the Summer of 1942 Liesel is mostly happy and she spends this time mostly with Hans as he helps prepare for the air raids by darkening the windows of the shops. During this time Hans tells Liesel stories, plays the accordion and he even shares a glass of champagne with Liesel and some other residents. When Liesel and Rudy sneak into the mayor’s house again they find the “Duden Dictionary and Thesaurus” on the windowsill that appears to be a gift that has a letter attached from Frau Hermann that says that Liesel is welcome to use the front door too. Shortly after this period of contentedness the air raids begin, and Liesel, her family, and Rudy take shelter in the Fiedlers' basement. Parades of Jews begin to march down Himmel Street going to Dachau making Liesel enraged from the inhumanity, and this causes Hans to take action by trying to help one of
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