Liesel's Death: A Significant Role Model

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Right from the beginning, you can see that Death is familiar with Liesel, as he takes her brother’s soul, when she was only nine years old. Afterwards, her widowed and sickly mother transferred her to Molching, where she would live under the Hubermann family, consisting of Rosa, the mother, Hans, the father, and their two kids, Trudy and Hans Jr.. Liesel stole “The Gravedigger’s Handbook” from her brother’s funeral. Hans discovered that she had the book, and also discovered that Liesel could not read, upon which he started teaching Liesel how to read. Soon, Hans became a significant role model in Liesel’s life, being the main figure of bravery, honesty, and caring in her life. Hans allowing Liesel to read opened up Liesel to the true power
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