Lieutenant Piette Case Summary

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Summary Thirty-Nine-year-old Lieutenant Alaric Piette first began his career as a US Navy SEAL in 1997. Shortly after the U.S.S Cole and World Trade Center were attacked. After the attack, Lieutenant Piette was under the assumption that him and his team would be deployed to hunt terrorist, however, he was once again sent to Europe. In 2003, Lieutenant Piette left the Navy. Now former Lieutenant Piette began studying at Georgetown University’s law school in hopes of becoming a prosecutor, however, plans were once again changed as he found the criminal defense clinic. All of the the techniques that he learned while serving in the navy began to connect to the criminal defense clinic. Shortly after, he was hired to work as the prosecutor in the Nashiri case. Everyone, including himself, knew that Lieutenant Piette was unqualified for this case. Not only was he unqualified, but in addition he was trained as a Navy SEAL to work against people like his client. The Nashiri case first opened in 2011. Lieutenant Piette’s client, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, was accused of being connected to the Cole bombing back in 2000. Lieutenant Piette’s position raised many…show more content…
Piette had been presented critical evidence in the case that clearly declared his client to be guilty, however, instead of debating he sat quietly and observed. Every time the judge would question the defense comments on the presented evidence, Piette would simply say that his client took no side. Despite what Lieutenant Piette was thinking, he knew that it would be extremely dangerous to the case if he began to debate. Piette’s strategy cause yet again more controversy in the legal field. An Air Force major that was in the court believed that Piette’s strategy was immodest. However Abbe Smith, a former teacher of Piette and a law professor at Georgetown believed that Piette was very
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