Lieutenant Boock: A Short Story

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"Hold at all costs," is what we heard though the radio. Lieutenant Bouck started to talk through the radio, he told command that hundreds were coming for us. "Eighteen men can 't hold off a thousand seasoned veterans, we aren 't trained soldiers!" We heard the line again, "Hold at all costs." Hours later I was laying in a poorly dug foxhole waiting for the quickly approaching Germans. Lieutenant Bouck told us our suicidal task, we were to be the only men holding this position, we knew something big was going to happen in the Ardennes but we didn 't know the scale of it. Lyle Bouck knew the unfavorable odds and was willing to face them. I don 't know if it was respect for Bouck or if it was love for my country but i decided to stay and fight,…show more content…
We kept our shields tightly together as the barrage of arrows came at us, no one was wounded and only a few were fazed from the arrows hitting their helmets. A few barrages of arrows came at us but with no success, we were all standing tall. Xerxes first sent waves of thousands of medes at us who were easily repelled. He then sent ten thousand immortals, elite Persian cavalry, charged straight at us only to be torn to shreds. We had been rotating men in and out of the fight all day in order to prevent fatigue, personally I was rotated out after the waves of medes and was rotated back in right before the wave of immortals. The second day of the battle was similar to the first day, they attacked and we defended still only suffering minimal casualties. On the third day our spears were broken, we only had swords left but we were surrounded by thousands of archers. We were surrounded without spears, Thousands of enemies were still ahead and we had no hope of survival. The Persians fired all of their arrows at us, we tried to repel them but there were too many arrows to block. In the end Leonidas fell along with the rest of us, a statue of a lion was built at Thermopile as a dedication to our actions. I felt bad for Leonidas, his body was beheaded and crucified in
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