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9 Challenges in Finding Life Purpose T he toughest person to face is yourself. If we look at ourselves in the mirror in the morning by afternoon we would have forgotten how we look like and may need to check in the mirror again. This is the reality of man

The real test of a man’s courage is the ability to face and change self. We don’t like to face issues because many times facing an issue means we have to face our own selves, and seeing our shortcomings is not easy, much less comfortable. It is easier to blame everyone else for everything than to introspect and come up with self-management resolutions. Most people would prefer to make themselves victims of everyone and everything else. It is because of someone else that they are depressed. They could not do this and that because of so and so, and their day was horrible because of what so and so said or did. The thing is we can decide to manage ourselves internally, or let someone or something else manage us externally, which makes us subject to changing circumstances and whims of other people. We need to learn to wall ourselves in so that we only allow what we want in and out of our gates – this is what it means to rule over your spirit: managing yourself. The worst thing is for one to try and manage others when they cannot manage
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They make history, and I mean good history. They do not only become successful but they become very great. They are always a source of inspiration to several generations that come after them. Strangely enough there is very little mention of money and wealth when making reference to life purpose. It’s always about impact on human lives and overcoming the seemingly impossible. At the same time there is no room for poverty when it comes to a life that is lived on purpose. Also to strengthen the cause of Purpose, people who identify their life purpose are prepared to die for their life
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