Life After 9/11: A Short Story

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I am a 17 year old Muslim Afghan-American, born and raised in Jericho, Long Island. I was raised by two Afghan parents, but they were raised in horrible conditions in Afghanistan. Both of my parents didn’t go school, I was the first child to do so in the family. After 9/11, my Syosset neighbor viewed us as undercover radical members. She would yell at us, call the cops, and tell her children not to be friends with me because I was a “future terrorist.” My parents moved to Jericho, and they were hoping to find a safer and better environment to live.
I went to Robert Seaman Elementary, and they were great years because I made a lot of friends, and no one bothered me. However, soon after I graduate from Robert Seaman, I went to Jericho Middle School where I would face discrimination students. There was one particular boy who I would never forget. He would bully me because I was Muslim, and call me a terrorist
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My father wouldn’t have it, so he asked me again in a sterner voice, “What is wrong? Someone is bothering you.” I told him, “Well, there this one kid from school that is always bullying me.” My father told me, “Follow us, we have to talk.” I listen to my parents for hours, and asked them what should I do. My mother told me. “Ignore him.” I was confused until she explained to me that bullies always strive for attention, and opposition of others to make them feel powerful. I started to understand of what she is coming from.
The next day in school, I went to school and I encountered the bully who told me the usual, “What’s up, Terrorist.” However, I have ignored him. He started to say something offensive again and again, but then I noticed something, it was annoying him that I was ignoring him. Everyday, when he try to do something and get my attention. I just handle myself maturely and payed him no mind. He realized that he was wasting his time, and left me
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