Life After Adoption Essay

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Life after adoption can be very strenuous for adoptive parents. In many cases, new adoptive parents are not made aware of their newly adopted child's medical past. This includes parents being unaware of the child's mental deficits and disorders, which can lead to dangerous situations. In one instance, a family adopted a nine-year-old girl from a Russian orphanage and were not made aware of the young girl’s mental disabilities or her violent tendencies. They were only discovered by the parents when the girl attempted to kill their four-year-old biological son. Though this is one of the more extreme cases, it is not the only one of its nature. In addition to not being informed of the child’s deficits and disorders, adoptive parents are not provided with the medical history of the child's biological mother. In many Russian orphanages, children suffer from diseases passed…show more content…
Children raised in orphanages have experienced a great emotional trauma. This emotional trauma commonly takes place because an orphan’s parents have either died, rejected them at birth, or placed them in institutional care once they were old enough to remember. This trauma can change the neurochemistry in the child's brain, making them more susceptible to things such as anxiety, dissociation, depression (SC4). Children raised in orphanages also tend to lack a sense of permanency and they often to struggle when it comes to depending on their new parents. Because orphanages are run on such strict schedules and do not have ample funding, free time can be scarce and toys can be hard to come by. With that being said, orphans typically do not know what to do with their free time. Studies have found that children adopted from orphanages can take years to learn self-directed play. Self-directed play is play entirely controlled by the child; they make the rules
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