Life After Death: Is There A Life After Death

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The spirit which activated our body has gone after death. Where does it go? Is there any life after death? Since the urge to live is innate, the fear of the unknown death is natural.
In spite of the uncertainties and unpredictable perturbations in one’s life, the broad parameters that define one’s life is the same. The hunger and cravings, the anger and assertions, the labour and achievements, the fight and greediness, etc. that shape the personality of a person define the broad parameters of one’s life in almost all situations. God or nature has endowed all animals including human beings with an urge to survive even though death is inevitable.
Even though death is certain, just like many events in life, death is unpredictable. Death is like a black hole which attracts and assimilates anyone who wanders nearby without knowing its whereabouts.
But the law of nature is different. There is neither a perpetual donor nor a perpetual recipient. A withering tree gives enough seeds before its death, whereas a dormant seed gives birth to a living tree.
The spirit that entered the darkness of death must come out into light to play its role in a different form with different levels of maturity.
When death is certain, why not we live a reasonable life? If our spirit goes to heaven, why not let it rest in peace instead of repenting for what it has done while enlivening our body?
In a world full of chaos, an ideal life may not be possible. But if our
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