Life After People By Andy Goldsworthy Analysis

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Andy Warhol once said, “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself”. Change is affected by time and by people in different ways. A negative change can ultimately have a positive outcome. Change is not always bad, but in order for it to be good you need to make it good. Change occurs all the time, and it happens to everyone at one point in his or her life. Sometimes the change is good, sometimes its the worst thing, but it all happens for a reason. “Rivers and Tides,” a film about artist Andy Goldsworthy, represents change in nature because rivers are always changing, and you will never step in the same one twice. Tides on the other hand, are just small changes in sea level that come and go. Rivers are …show more content…

Imagine a world where no humans existed, and all that existed was the past we had left behind, and the animals that we had raised that were now roaming the streets to find the next safe place to live. “Life After People,” a short story by Dolores Vasquez is the frightening story of how the world would be without humans. So empty, and so out of control, Earth’s existence would practically be no more because without humans everything that we have worked for would just be left to fend for it self. The life we once knew would never see daylight again. “Over the next fifteen years the roads get overgrown and cracked” (Vasquez 53). Over those fifteen years the cities we once had built would be destroyed, and covered in vegetation, and cracked. Is this imagined for our futures? Animals are left without owners, which means they are not fed so they are running to find a food source. Eventually this system will stop. Smaller animals will feed off dairy cows, and other farm animals, but when they die out completely, dogs, and cats will be left to find food from other sources. When those other sources run out it is just minimal time before the small animals die out as well. As time goes on things disappear, and are destructed by the wrath of time. Cities slowly fall apart, human existence gone, and now no animals roaming the earth we once lived upon. The change that happens is up to your point of view. The change can be positive; because with humans off earth it can go back to the way it was before, clean, and healthy. The change can also be negative because with humans gone everything that has happened the last millions of years is gone

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