Life Analysis Essay About Life

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I. Summary:
“Life was given to us a billion years ago, what have we done with it?”
“Lucy” opens with this line and shows an alleged pre-human ape-like creature drinking water from a stream. We then travel forward “billions” of years to modern day China and meet the present-day Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman), talking about Darwinian evolutionary theory. He expounds on the “fact” of Darwin’s theory and states how we are merely cosmic accidents, no different than earthworms and time and passing on our genes is our only purpose. He then talks about his own pet theory regarding humans’ usage of our cerebral capacity. He then claims that dolphins use more than humans and their ability to use more is because they developed it
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He says, “As humans we have become more concerned with having, than with being“. The importance of being and the immeasurable value of our pure existence is a key truth for me in how I live my life. The way I choose to perceive and live life is that being comes first because no matter what we do or do not do, we are still meaningful and made of energy, I believe even love itself. I believe we are seeing more of us live in this way and that it is changing the world for the…show more content…
But what I could draw from the movie were that, in the end, when Lucy passed all the knowledge that she had, she also passed down answers to some lingering questions such as 'purpose of our existence', 'our origins', and 'what to do next'. So that is why I guess she said, 'Now you know what to do', it’s because she provided humanity with the proper answers, which humans have been trying to find out for the past billion years. It just meant that no matter which way you look at it, the purpose of humanity in this ever-expanding universe has always been to share what one has learnt. In the words of Julius Caesar, "Experience is the teacher of all
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