The Death Of A Moth Virginia Wolff Analysis

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The death of a Moth by Virginia Wolff
I think the essay is very beautifully written, yet I find it to be very dark. Virginia Wolff suffered from depression and other personal issues, and I really think this is something that shines through in the essay. The essay is about the simplicity of life and death. The life of the moth represents the life of humans. In spite of this simplicity, the author also wants to remind us of the power of death. Life can be taken away from us at any moment of time, and this will in fact happen to everyone at some point. Even though the essay portrays something as simple, and perhaps insignificant, as a moth, and its journey through life, the story really caught me. I got the experience that I was there with the
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Leaving your everyday life of work and routines behind, is healthy no matter what age you’re at. Experiencing a new culture and meeting new people of different backgrounds is something very valuable. You will gain important perspectives along the way. Travelling helps you look at your good old and safe home country in a new light. It helps you see your everyday life in a new light – you may find out how grateful you are for some aspects, but it may also motivate you to make changes in other areas. I have no doubt, that it’s the travels I’ve made throughout my life, that has enriched me with my curiosity and open-mindedness towards life and people. The effects of travelling are not just short-term, you will learn a lot along the way, that will be valuable all throughout your life. Being able to see the things from a worldly perspective, is helpful in both the small situations of your everyday life, but perhaps, also in relation to your work. I think travelling is a basic human desire – to put miles between your home and wherever your next location might be. This doesn’t mean that your destination has to be on the other side of the world. Experiences of same value and caliber may be closer than you think. Furthermore, there are many different types of travels. Some people prefer hiking in the Alps, other people want to lay by a beach in Thailand while some people like big-city holidays in New York or London. Some people prefer having a group of friends or family with them, whereas others like being completely on their own. And in spite of all the above mentioned advantages, some people also choose to live their life in one place only. This may be out of fear, because they can’t afford to spent the time away, or other barriers such as
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