Life And Death In Virginia Wolff's The Death Of A Moth

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The death of a Moth by Virginia Wolff
I think the essay is very beautifully written, yet I find it to be very dark. Virginia Wolff suffered from depression and other personal issues, and I really think this is something that shines through in the essay. The essay is about the simplicity of life and death. The life of the moth represents the life of humans. In spite of this simplicity, the author also wants to remind us of the power of death. Life can be taken away from us at any moment of time, and this will in fact happen to everyone at some point. Even though the essay portrays something as simple, and perhaps insignificant, as a moth, and its journey through life, the story really caught me. I got the experience that I was there with the moth throughout the struggles that it went through. Towards the end, the author also manages to make the reader feel the death of the moth. As earlier mentioned I find the essay to be very beautifully written. The moral of the essay is that even though you may feel insignificant, life is always worth fighting for – and I think this is a very important message.

Essay - Gaining new perspectives
“To travel is to live”. That’s how the Danish author H.C. Anderson said it. And as cliché as some people may argue that it sounds, I find it to be very true. Travelling has always played a big role in my life, and I can say, that some of the clearest standing memories from my childhood, are the ones that I gathered outside the borders of Denmark.
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