Life And Eternal Life: The Importance Of Eternal Life

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Research shows, you can’t buy happiness. Everyone tries, of course…A beautiful house. Nice cars, Presents for the wife and kids and what not! These things may feel good for a little while…But eventually, they get old. And you start looking for a new house, a new car, and may not be a new wife and new toys for the family. Your life is like the morning fog – it’s here a little while, and then it’s gone. We are used to everything having a beginning and an end. But eternal life isn 't just something that starts after you die. Eternal life is a life that is full and free and forever. It is peace, joy and assurance. It is comfort, strength and hope. It 's never-ending life with God life in heaven after we die. Most people think of eternal life as living…show more content…
We are so caught up within the notion of time, Our lives are overextended as we whirl and spin through time, sometimes experiencing endless turbulence and confusion - Time seems at the moment to be greatly speeded up. Time is linked to change. We perceive time to be an intense part of our lives because we perceive change happening so rapidly. Without the perception of change, we might not perceive time. - Night and day is one cycle which reminds us of the passage of time. So, too, are the changes of the moon. Larger cycles are the changes of the seasons. Our bodies are subject to constant change as we grow and age. I would want to bring in the old adage- Time and tide waits for none. The feature of time we are most familiar with is that it passes, flowing by us whether we are willing to have it do so or not. We are born, we grow, we live, we learn from living, and eventually we die. So frankly i do not understand the concept of .timelessness. The new identity available to us in this way is a fluid one which includes the perception of timelessness-within-time. We unfold like flowers within the landscape of space and time - budding, blooming, wilting, dying - and all parts of the passage are parts of our

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