Compare And Contrast Tennyson And Billy Collins

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Death of Life and Love The warm sand felt thought bare feet, the cool breeze caressing facial features, and the soothing sound of the waves running over the sandbar, can all make one want to just think. Think about death, life, and love. One might think of death’s coming and the afterlife that comes immediately after. One might ponder about life and advice to appreciate it. One might declare that love is dead and there's no way to bring it back. Life and love can both end up dying so it is reasonable for one to just think about it in the right times. Alfred Tennyson, Billy Collins, and Michael Drayton all had one of these thoughts and expressed them in a written poem. Of course, to express how they truly thought and felt about each of the…show more content…
The tones in Crossing the Bar by Alfred Tennyson, Picnic, Lightning by Billy Collins, and Since there’s no help by Michael Drayton best reveals the author's purpose of the emotions and lessons sparked after the…show more content…
Picnic, Lightning mentions a couple situations that can all of a sudden cause death. “the instant hand of Death always ready to burst forth” (Arp 805-06). Collins purpose of this poem was to advise the author to live a full life and by mentioning that death is just around the corner and can pounce out at any minute. By mentioning all the mishaps that can lead to death along with the personification Collins put on death, Collins is able to create a wondering tone about life. Collins wants the reader to think more about life and appreciate it. This poem allows the reader to conclude that Collins has “unmoored” over an agonizing time when dealing with the death of an important person. One can see this through the use of the more wondering and appreciative tone and that he has had time to heal. One can relate to the poem if they have gone through a rough time after the death of an important
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