Life And Negative Essay: Life Without Social Media

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Life without Social Media Since I first walked in the large, double doors of Gate City High School, the looming presence of social media has constantly surrounded me. Conversations are filled with talk of the latest tweet or post from widely followed celebrities. Students’ confidence fluctuates depending on the number of likes their most recent picture receives and the most significant discussions are about the comments made on certain posts. The presence of social media has the capabilities to rule everything that happens during high school. The pressure to post the perfect picture and create the funniest post consumes the minds of most of my classmates. Because I have chosen not to participate in the world of social media, I do not have to deal with many of the same problems and issues that my friends have to struggle with. Many assume that my life without social media causes me to miss out on things;…show more content…
Teenagers can be incredibly rude and mean when they have the ability to hide behind a phone or computer screen. Social media equips others with the power to say whatever they think. Unfortunately, this sometimes prompts students to make rude comments or posts. Last year, my friend experienced this kind of cyberbullying. No matter what kind of picture my friend would post, a disrespectful group of girls would leave horrible, insulting comments on the picture. Ultimately, the problem was taken care of but my friend’s feelings were deeply hurt. The platform that is created by social media can be used for both positive and negative comments. It is disappointing to see my friends get hurt by bullying online because it could be used to build others up. Because I do not partake in social media, cyberbullying has never been a problem or source of heartache for me. I do not have to worry about potential oppressors and can live my life without being burdened by possible

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